SUN TAXI Terms and Conditions

SUN TAXI is a web-based app for ordering a taxi; it communicates taxi service requests to the taxi service providers who have been registered as users of the SUN TAXI system. The private limited company SUN TAXI, founded in Iraq, is the holder of rights and service provider of the SUN TAXI app.

1. Using the SUN TAXI app

1.1 The use of the SUN TAXI app requires installation of the software and registration of a user account. During the installation of the SUN TAXI app, the mobile number of the SUN TAXI service user is linked to the respective user account and added to the database.

2. Ordering or waving a taxi service

2.1 If the SUN TAXI app user orders a taxi and the taxi driver has confirmed the receipt of service then the taxi is considered pre-ordered.

2.2 Waving the use of an ordered taxi is considered to be the situation where the taxi driver has notified about the receipt of an order and the SUN TAXI app user waives the taxi service after receipt of the notice.

2.3 Waving the use of an ordered taxi is also considered to be the situation where the user of the SUN TAXI app or people whom the taxi was ordered for do not appear in the taxi within 8 minutes as of the time when the taxi driver notified them about the arrival of the taxi in its destination.

2.5 We have the right to revoke the right to use the app if the user has waived the use of taxi service on 3 successive instances in one 24 hour period. In that case the app notifies the user about the number of cancellations and after waiving the 3rd time, SUN TAXI cancels the usage right. SUN TAXI usage right can be cancelled for up to six months. After that the user can reactivate his/her user account by contacting the local team via email.

3. Use of the SUN TAXI app

3.1 SUN TAXI is a mobile app enabling the persons requiring a taxi service to find a suitable provider by sharing data on their geographic location.

3.2 The use of the SUN TAXI app is based on a non-exclusive licence issued by SUN TAXI. The licence agreement is valid for a non-limited period and is free of charge for the taxi customer. In case of any faults in the software, we shall endeavour to correct them as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that the functioning of the app may be restricted due to occasional technical errors and we are not able to guarantee unlimited faultless functioning of the app at all times. We shall also accept no liability for any losses incurred as a consequence of the SUN TAXI app not functioning or not being usable in the desired manner. In the event that the taxi customer’s right to use the app is cancelled, the corresponding non-exclusive licence shall also be repealed.

3.3 As the SUN TAXI app is a means of communication between taxi customers and taxi service providers, SUN TAXI cannot influence or take any responsibility for the quality or defects of the service. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee consistently accurate and faultless provision of taxi services located via SUN TAXI.

3.4 The SUN TAXI app does not constitute an offer or brokerage of taxi transportation for customers. The SUN TAXI app is not a means for organising the provision of transportation services. It is also not an agency service for finding customers for taxi service providers.

3.5 The consumer’s right of withdrawal is not applied to SUN TAXI app orders.

4. Good practice of using the SUN TAXI app

4.1 As SUN TAXI is not a provider or broker of the taxi service, we are unable to influence the quality of the taxi service. Any issues with defects or quality of the taxi service shall be resolved in accordance with the rules and regulations of the taxi service provider or the relevant supervisory authority.

4.2 SUN TAXI is committed to contributing to improvement of the quality of taxi services. For this reason, we ask to fill out a feedback form in the SUN TAXI app. This enables us to offer suggestions to the taxi service providers for improving the quality of their service.

4.3 We expect that the users of the SUN TAXI app use the app in good faith and are respectful of the taxi drivers who offer their services through SUN TAXI.

4.4 SUN TAXI shall make every effort to ensure that only drivers, who have integrity and are respectful of their profession and customers, use the SUN TAXI app. However, we are in no position to guarantee that every provider of taxi services, located via the SUN TAXI app, satisfies the aforementioned criteria at all times. If you experience objectionable taxi service, please notify the company responsible for the service or a supervisory authority.

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